I was born in Northern India and have always been fascinated
by North Indian culture.  One thing that always touched me
was worshiping in a very Indian way by chanting, singing
bhajans, meditating and listening to pravachan (discourse).  
Later I came to know that it is SATSANGH, meaning sangha
or 'sangh' (together) with 'sat' (Truth).

In this web page I would like to explore what is the meaning
of Satsangh and how we could experience oneness with the
divine Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ) through and his teachings
of fullness of life and way to joyful living in satsangh.

The word Satsangh is made of two Sanskrit (ancient Indian
language) words.  'Sat' means truth and 'sangh' means
community or group.  So, the Satsangh is a community that
comes together for the TRUTH, and TRUTH is God.  The
greatest Truth is that we all are the creation of the one TRUE
God who is the creator and the sustainer of the whole world.  

Now why do I call this Satsangh as Yeshu Satsangh?  This is
because we come together in Satsangh with Yeshua, who
came in this world over 2000 years ago to bring the world
together in oneness with God through his divine teaching and
sacred sacrifice of himself for the forgiveness of our wrong
doing.   He continues to transform people and gives purpose
of living and assurance of life after we move on.  The bhaktas
(devotees) come together to sing bhajans and chant his divine
name and find direction through his teachings.

Jai Yeshu

Dr. William Nathaniel
Founder, Yeshu Satsangh Groups

Yeshu Satsangh
In company of Yeshua
In company of Yeshua

Yeshu Satsangh
In the Truth
of Yeshua